Wow… It’s been… Forever. We’ve gone through quite a bit. Every day I’ve been super tired. Between Spawnprime and the twins, it’s hard to stay focused. Well, this was even before we found out about my own health conditions. There was always some meeting, some function, something to go to, something to do. Downtime included sleep. When does someone find time to write a blog at that point? You really don’t. But now… Summer is almost over, and I’m finding myself with some precious downtime. I -could- be doing a million things. I could be cleaning, preparing for the grand opening tomorrow. But prioritization is, well… a priority.

The Grand Opening?? I hear you question in my head.. Aye. I’m starting a business. Via The Pampered Chef. I’m looking forward to this venture, in that it will give us some leeway to get us where we need to be. And yet, still give me the flexibility needed to manage a child with Asperger’s. We have a new school year… and a whole new grade.

I am extremely proud of Prime. He’s jumping a grade. This is not something usual for children these days. But this year, the school felt it would be better to jump not just prime, but another of his classmates, as well. TWO kids. I am praying that this works out, and gives him the challenges he needs to keep going on, and help him from being bored. ┬áSo, we’re missing out on 5th grade. There’s going to be a focus on fundraising this year. He’s still going to get to go to science camp. He’s still going to have other things to do. And, of course, it all costs money. Hence… Pampered chef.

The twins will be starting kindergarten, too. Uniforms are no longer needed (THANKS MOM!!!!) and we are very thankful that supplies are given to k-3rd grade. it gives us a little leeway in getting supplies for all of them.

Overall, the past several months have gone fairly smoothly. We’ve met some people, lost some people, had some people come and go. We helped some people, and had some people help us. We lost a beloved pet, which took a month to get over, and gained another recently. (I hope my allergy medicine can keep up!) With all three kids starting school in a few weeks, Life /should/ settle down a bit more, and get into a better routine!!! A toast to the future!

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12. January 2014 ·